Welcome to Points Above

TLDR; we’re a group of fantasy baseball fans looking for more content dedicated to ottoneu and other keeper/dynasty formats, so we decided to solve the problem on our own. Don’t expect us to stick to the topic though – we’ll cover the full fantasy sports world and likely beyond.

If necessity is the mother of invention, boredom brought on by months of quarantine must be the father. And the excitement of the impending baseball season chaos sprint season-that-we-hope-actually-happens is a nice, flowery bottle of pinot noir with the spicy finish that helped necessity and boredom get together.

The nine of us who make up the opening day lineup for Points Above have been playing ottoneu for years, some of us only a couple, some of us dating back to ottoneu’s introduction at FanGraphs in 2011, and one of us even earlier. We love the game and crave more content tailored to ottoneu than we can find out there today (necessity!). And we know we are not alone. So, the obvious solution, given that we are all stuck in our houses is to write the content we want to read.

(By the way, if you are asking yourself “what is ottoneu?” now is a perfectly fine time to venture over and read up – we’ll wait for you.)

So welcome to Points Above. What can you expect? Certainly a heavy dose of the ottoneu content we crave. But we also play other formats and plan to have content on those, too. This particular group initially formed over a shared love of food and beverage, so expect some thoughts on food, whiskey, wine, and beer, as well, perhaps among other topics.

As we kick things off, we have a few posts up to get things started, with more coming in the coming weeks. We’ll also be posting episodes of the ottobotpod, a podcast dedicated to ottoneu and hosted by Justin Vibber (whose Patreon you should check out if you are an ottoneu player).

And why Points Above? In 2013, when I first posted a process for valuing players in ottoneu, I focused on Points Above Replacement as the baseline measure of how much production you get out of one player vs. another. The concept was hardly invented there, but it has become a core piece of how ottoneu players think about and talk about the game, and seemed appropriate, even if some of us play more roto than points leagues.

Look around, check us out, leave comments, try ottoneu if you haven’t, and let us know what you would like to see us cover – we’re open to suggestions and will deliver what the people want.

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