Geoff’s 5 Bold Predictions for 2020

Lots of crazy things are going to happen in a 60-game season (here’s to hoping we get that),  so I’m sure we’re more likely to see bold predictions come true.  But I figure I’ll take a stab at 5 bold predictions we’ll see this year.

  1. Matt Boyd is a top 10 FG PTs pitcher.

Boyd has the K-skills to get this done posting 11.56 K/9 in 2019. His real downfall last year was HRs with a 1.89 HR/9 which caused him to be under 4 P/IP in ottoneu FanGraphs Points leagues. I think in a short season with his K-skills and some HR/9 luck he could post an outstanding season.

2. Nick Madrigal strikes out less than 15 times all year.

I am anxiously awaiting Nick Madrigal being called up to play 2B for the White Sox. In today’s K-filled game you don’t see a ton of guys making this much contact. It might eventually be worth it to strike out a little bit more if he can’t find any power but I’m looking forward to seeing this guy hit this year.

Nick Madrigal
Nick Madrigal; photo by: Ian D’Andrea on Flickr / CC BY-SA (

3. Michael Conforto is the highest scoring Met in P/G for Ottoneu FanGraphs Points.

Projections have Conforto with a ~.350 wOBA and I believe his talent supports that number. In 2017, pre shoulder injury, he posted a .392 wOBA with 27 HRs in 109 games. I think if he gets hot to start the season and we see any drop in talent from Alonso there is a good chance Conforto is the best FG Pts player for the Mets.

4. Adley Rutschman debuts.

This is pretty bold but let’s suspend some disbelief for a minute and the Orioles catch lightning in a bottle and are somehow in the running by the end of August. If they like what the see out of Adley at their alternate site I think there is a shot he would be a good option for them in the race to the finish.

5. Drew Rasmussen pitches in high leverage situations for the Brewers.

Drew Rasmussen was once a 1st round pick for the Rays in 2017 but didn’t sign after requiring a second Tommy John surgery. He’s back up to hitting the upper 90s with the fastball and I think as the Brewers cycle through pitchers as they are wont to do we see Rasmussen this year.


  1. Lol we can prorate, i think he’s up next week so that would be what 10? I think he struck out 5 times in 20 games at AAA last year. This may not be bold enough.


    • So, how many strikeouts in how many games are you predicting? 15 Ks in 50 or 60 games?

      Considering he will bat 4 times a game, that translates to 1 K per every 16 games (60 games) or 1 K per every 13.3 games (50).

      That’s a very bold prediction since he has only played 71 games above A+ (42 games at A and only 29 at AAA).


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