Is there such a thing as “too much”? A list of 10’s.

In my first article here I went into a little detail as to how I felt about Ottoneu in general, how it’s completely changed Fantasy Baseball for me and in truth just simply made the experience a ton more fun. I’m not really here to talk to you about how much fun it is, but rather one of the problems I’m already finding it’s created.

For context, I mentioned that I came into Otto with a couple of home leagues already in play (1 ESPN, 1 Yahoo). My first year in Ottoneu I took on two new teams, it was very much a learning year and after that first season one of those leagues folded. One Ottoneu team, going into year two. As I grew my relationships inside of the Otto community (primarily via Slack) I was invited into a couple of other leagues, so I think I was up to three Ottoneu leagues, and my two home leagues. Five is enough, right?

WRONG! Nah, see here’s the thing, this shit is a hook and I seemingly can’t help myself. This offseason I’ve added four more Ottoneu teams AND another ESPN team for an overall score of 10 (please don’t tell my wife)! Now, this is all well and good when it’s the offseason and you don’t have to fiddle with rosters, starts/sits, etc., but I’m finding that this might be a bit much out the gate. I mean, how many places do I roster Lourdes Gurriel Jr. again? It made me think, is 10 too many of anything? Let’s compare.

Would you be able to manage:

  1. 10 lovers? No (hubris would like for me to say yes, but I can hardly manage 1).
  2. 10 ice cream cones? No, it would make you sick.
  3. 10 million dollars? I could manage this.
  4. 10 steaks cooked perfectly? I could not manage this either.
  5. 10 beers? Childs play, catch up.
  6. 10 children? Give me 10 fantasy baseball leagues.
  7. 10 hours of sleep? I pine for it, but it’ll never happen.
  8. 10 tickles? That’s a dad joke about tentacles, if you know you know.
  9. 10 dogs? Even mans best friend has limitations.
  10. 10 fantasy baseball teams? Don’t you do it. Don’t you dare do it.

As you can see it’s a mixed bag, but I’m pretty confident you shouldn’t do this unless you don’t need to be employed.

Also, I love to get notifications when player auctions are started and completed. You wouldn’t believe the amount of email traffic I get on a near constant basis now. It’s day 1 of checking my roster for a full slate of games, and I’m not sure I’ll make it to day 2. I love this game, but I’m scared.

As my counterpart and resident baseball wiz Justin Vibber said, simply; “Don’t do it.” As any one of the Bluth’s would tell you “I’ve made a huge mistake”. Have fun with your leagues, but enjoy responsibly. BASEBALL IS BACK, rejoice my friends!

Hugs and kisses, Christian

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