Geoff’s Team Review 5 Days In

The grind has begun. My post-auction but pre-season certainty that this is the year for all my teams has subsided. Now I’m facing lineup decisions, tons of auctions being started, and evaluation of my team’s chances. I always have a hard time reacting to small sample sizes and in this shortened season (fingers crossed it keeps going) I feel like my brain is even more tempted to jump the gun on where my teams will end up.

 In an effort to try and talk some sense into myself I’m going to outline notable moves I’m seeing across the board.

Here are where my squads stand after the weekend:

Generally I feel really good about this start. My team with the best shot this year has 705 points due to running way ahead of the innings pitched pace. My co-owner and I feel good about banking 10% of our innings at 7 P/IP. We made a decision to not be gun shy about early SP matchups and that has paid off so far. Most of this is due to really good home run luck, which in a short season I think is going to be one of the major determinants of winners in FanGraphs Points leagues. Notable efforts from this squad include Kyle Hendricks complete game, Stanton and Story hot starts, Eric Hosmer with two big games, Drew Pomeranz in relief, and good starts from Lynn, Heaney, and Eovaldi. The most optimistic thing about this roster is that it has depth right now but that could change at any instant. 

In the rest of my leagues I feel like I have a good chance to place in the top 3 in four of my eight leagues but after ten more days I think I’ll have a better feel of where I need to take these squads. 

Right now the roster management most needed on my squads is hunting RP. I do not like to buy expensive RP at auctions but it’s testing my abilities to find diamonds in the rough. For reference, on two of my teams I do not roster an RP over $5. The guys I’ve added so far to squads include Oliver Drake, Rafael Dolis, Jonathan Hernandez, Peter Fairbanks, and Bryan Abreu. Hoping I can get meaningful contributions from these guys has me really playing with fire at that position. Other guys at RP I’m paying attention to based on their expected auction prices include Nick Wittgren, Jalen Beeks, Matt Strahm, Pierce Johnson, and David Bednar.

I haven’t made any notable trades in the past week but I generally notice I’m rostering a lot of starting pitchers. Many teams I believe are going to run into issues meeting innings limits so I’m hoping this leads to some opportunities to consolidate talent on my teams that remain competitive in a week or so’s time.

The other issue I’m running into on a few squads is being behind the pace in OF games due to COVID IL and relying on too many platoon OFs. I’m going to be paying close attention to that this week and will make moves accordingly if I feel like I’m really behind. Some waiver wire bats I’m looking at there include Adam Haseley, Jose Peraza, Jose Ozuna, and Jay Bruce. 

I hope that you enjoyed the first 5 days of the baseball season despite all the madness 2020 is bringing and comment if you have any thoughts on your early season strategies!

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