Ottobot Podcast: Episode 16- Rest of Season $ Value Changes

On this episode we discuss players whose rest of season surplus calculator dollar values have increased and decreased the most since the start of the season. Theme music by

Episode 43: Ottoneu Roster Rules The Ottobot Podcast

On this episode Justin and Niv talk about a recent Community feature request to add Roster% to team pages, and we also cover the three primary roster rules in Ottoneu (1A, 1B, and 1C). Find out why the rules were written the way they were, the intention behind them, and our suggestions for how league commissioners should enforce/apply them.  @OttobotPod Justin @JustinVibber Niv @ottoneu Theme music by
  1. Episode 43: Ottoneu Roster Rules
  2. Episode 42: Fireside Chat
  3. Episode 41: Ottoneu Prestige League Review
  4. Episode 40: Buying & Selling Memorial Day Edition
  5. Episode 39: April Mailbag

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