Ottoneu Basketball Power Rankings: January 2022

Just like I’ve done in the past for Ottoneu Baseball, I’ve taken a crack at some team and league power rankings for Ottoneu Basketball. The following rankings are as of January 31, 2022, and my plan is to update these every month going forward until the Ottoneu regular season ends (March 20th for six team playoff leagues).

Let’s begin our rankings with the most popular format- Traditional Points (120 teams):

132Robert “Publish or” Parish39714,37436.2
235tony timberland39714,19135.7
320The Benchwarmers40414,10434.9
428Laker Mungo39313,81535.2
622Predrag’s Royal Court39413,69834.8
732Brickowski for 340113,68934.1
817Butlerian Jihad40013,64534.1
920The Big Fundamentals40013,57433.9
1028Monica ❤ Quincy40013,48333.7
Traditional Points Team Power Rankings

These teams are ranked purely on their total points scored, regardless of their win/loss record.

Next, here are the league power rankings for Traditional Points (10 leagues). The League Power column represents the average individual team ranking of all teams in that particular league (lower is better), while the League Power+ represents how far above average the league was (125.8 LgPower+ means the league was 25.8% better than the average league):

132Jordan Rules48.1125.8
222Flint Michigan MegaBowl50.6119.6
320The 1st Otto Hoops League54.1111.9
417Sabo Hoops57.3105.5
539National Bad Association57.4105.4
Traditional Points League Power Rankings

The second most popular format for Ottoneu Basketball is Head to Head Categories (96 teams):

124Ehlo, Sweet Chariot40012,565.0626.0
140Greek Freakonomics40113,396.0626.0
440Nick’s Nutts38612,566.0609.0
541Ronen B.C.38812,536.0590.0
734Border Walls40112,957.0589.0
824A Canadian Goose39512,143.0583.0
934Roundball Rock40513,255.0581.0
101Rochester Royals 👑39312,045.0580.0
Categories Team Power Rankings

Categories teams are ranked as if the entire population of Ottoneu Categories teams was in one combined rotisserie league.

Next, here are the league rankings for Categories (8 leagues):

11original ottoneu38.3126.3
224Legends Only40.6119.3
334Bouncy Balls46.3104.6
426NBA Twitter Slack46.8103.3
523Mendoza Hoops League49.398.3
Categories League Power Rankings

Lastly, we have Simple Points (24 teams):

131God Shammgod is God39912,07930.3
229Crab Drib39311,73229.9
331Billy Butler Splash Hunter39211,68229.8
431No Easy Buckets38911,35629.2
531McConnells Midnight Marauders40211,25328.0
Simple Points Team Power Rankings

Just like the Traditional Points rankings, these Simpe Points teams are ranked based on their total points scored.

Finally, here are the league rankings for Simple Points (2 leagues):

131NBA Hooligans11.92104.9
229Summer League13.0895.5
Simple Points League Power Rankings

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